Prime Time’s studios cover 21 516 square meters. The area around the buildings has 200 parking spots and 12 214 sq. m. open grounds for construction of outdoor film models. The Prime Time studio can provide 5 large shooting pavilions (1500, 700, 1050, 1250) with areas from 700 to 1500 sq. m. and a height of up to 10 m.

Studio Area–sq.m. Height–m Width–m Length-m
1 1450.77 9 24 60
2 691.57 5 11 60
3 750 10 25 30
4 1050 10 25 42
5 1250 10 25 50


  • The shooting pavilions are made from a metal construction lined with insulating and soundproofing panels.
  • The innovative wall panels ecophon wall ensure acoustic comfort in the studios.
  • The maximum load of the frame junctions is 1000 kg localized.
  • The roof of the studio and office rooms has excellent proofing to prevent noise even in the worst possible weather and to ensure uninterrupted work and shooting.
  • The ventilation and air conditioning systems are highly advanced and allow individual temperature setting in separate rooms.
  • The complex is secured with excellent independent power supply. The studios are equipped with 6 UPS with 450 kW total capacity and 3 diesel generators with a capacity of 720 kW.
  • There is a flexible electrical system between the separate buildings which allows energy transmission to any building depending on temporary needs.
  • The complex is in compliance with European energy efficiency standards.
  • The fire protection system is in compliance with all contemporary requirements and is equipped with a sprinkler and fire alarm system, as well as a smoke protection installation.
  • Each room in the buildings and the studios has emergency lighting.

Reality showinterior set

The Studio 4 complex has a reality show house with a total built-up area of 730 sq. m. and 200 sq. m. of outdoor court space. The house is equipped with shooting corridors (600 sq. m.) which allow shooting from all points of view.

  • There are luminescent lamps installed in the ceiling, as well as cloth-covered frames for uniform light diffusion.
  • all rooms are air conditioned and have additional fresh air blowers.
  • The walls of the camera corridors are equipped with mirrors to enable shooting within the rooms while the camera team remains hidden.

Exterior grounds

Primetime Studios has a total of 12214 square meters of exterior grounds, suitable for movie decors.